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How many driving lessons do I need to pass my driving test?

The licence test is the minimum standard required to pass a driving test in Victoria. As of 1st July 2007, the 120-hour log book approach has been instigated as part of the new graduated licensing system. 

How does a Learner's Permit work?

A car learner permit allows you to drive a car on the road with a supervising driver whilst you are learning to drive. The permit is valid for 10 years or until you obtain a driver licence. You must be at least 16 years of age and a Victorian resident to get a learner permit.

How does the log book work and how do I fill it out?

The logbook is issued to all learner drivers between 16 and 20 years of age. The learner driver is required to record the number of hours of driving, types of driving, roads and conditions. Learner drivers must have a minimum of 10 hours of night driving. We at Safe2Drive can assist you and your parents on how it is correctly filled out.

What are the VicRoads Learner Permit fees? 
(as of 1st July 2017)

  • New Learner Permit $24.20
  • Learner Permit Renewal/Extension $24.20
  • Replacement Learner Permit $23.60

Our dual-controlled vehicles offer you the safest learning environment

What are the VicRoads Drive Test fees? 
(as of 1st July 2017)

  • Transfer / Cancellation fee$18.20
  • Lerner Permit Knowledge Test $41.30
  • Car Practical Driving Test $62.00 *
  • Hazard Perception Test $36.30 *
  • Auto-to-manual licence conversion $62.00 *
* includes appointment and test fees

What are the VicRoads Driver Licence fees?
(as of 1st July 2017)

  • New, Reissue, or Renewal (full or P2)
  • 3 years $79.50
  • 10 years $272.30
  • New or Reissue (P1)
  • 4 years $105.90
  • 10 years $272.30

Should I learn in an automatic or manual vehicle?

It depends on your individual preference. It is easier to learn in an automatic vehicle since you do not have to worry about a clutch or changing gears. This also means you will probably require fewer lessons when driving automatic. It is important to note that if you obtain an automatic vehicle licence, you will not be licensed to drive a manual car whilst holding your probationary licence.

How long do lessons go for?

Standard lessons run between 45 minutes to 1 hour. However, 90-minute lessons and 2 hour double lessons are also available upon request. Lessons will begin at your nominated pick up location, including your home, school, train station, bus stop, shopping centre or 
VicRoads. However, we could drop you off at a different location within 10 mins of distance from your initial pick up point (please confirm with driver trainer in advance).

Why Driving Lessons?

Professional, Patient, Experienced Learning.

Our trainers are very experienced and provide training with the most effective and up-to-date driving techniques to ensure that you become a skilled, competent and safe driver before you attempt the practical Drive Test. All lessons are tailored to the individual’s needs. Our cars are very modern, safe and comfortable, with dual controls to ensure a safe learning experience whilst you gain the confidence to drive solo.

Understanding of Victorian Road Law

Our trainers have a sound knowledge of Victorian road laws. Understanding and applying these laws are vital to become a safe, efficient and responsible driver. Our trainers share these important insights and practices, ensuring that you are adequately equipped to drive safely on your own.

What do I bring to the test?

If you're late for your test or don't have all the items listed below, you will not be able to take the test and your fees will not be refunded. Your log book must be correct and completed. Failure to do so will result in denial of taking the test, cancellation of your appointment, and your test fees will not be refunded. You may also have to wait up to six weeks before you can retake the test.

Overseas licence holders must provide a current overseas licence or International Driver Permit. If the driver is not a permanent resident of Australia, they must also provide their passport. 
Payment for licence fees includes cash, cheque, EFTPOS, Visa and MasterCard.

Who is allowed in the car during my test?

A VicRoads licence testing officer will conduct the test. Sometimes a second Vic Roads officer may be in the car to receive training or to monitor the testing officer's performance. This second officer will not affect your test in any way.

When completing your test in a dual-control vehicle, your qualified driver trainer (with a valid Driver Instructor Authority) can sit in the front passenger seat during your test, but they are generally not allowed to communicate with you or in any way influence your driving during the test. Your driver trainer is permitted to repeat an instruction given to you by the testing officer if required.

What car is allowed to be used for the Drive Test?

  • A car provided by you or your driver trainer.
  • Registered, roadworthy, and clean 
  • Fitted with seat belts for all occupants 
  • Able to maintain a comfortable temperature 
  • Fitted with 'L' plates 
  • Fitted with a working speedometer display on the dashboard that the testing officer can view
  • Capable of having the headlights (low beam) turned on during the test 
  • Fitted with a centrally mounted handbrake that the front passenger can operate if required 
  • Fitted with doors that can be opened from the inside

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